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At LoHi Eye Care and Eyewear, provides top-notch eye care solutions for the entire family. Visit our new state-of-the-art eye clinic in Denver. Contact us today to schedule an eye appointment or stop by for a walk-in eye exam.

Family Eye Care Denver

At LoHi Eye Care and Eyewear, our top priority is quality patient care. This means each patient receives a personalized experience. Unlike corporate eye care clinics, we are a small business with small business values. We depend on our patients and we want our patients to depend on us.

We do this by offering the best eye care solutions. Our commitment is to take the necessary time with each patient so that you feel heard and confident in your diagnosis and prescription. We do not prioritize quantity over quality.

However, we do prioritize maintaining our appointment times to keep you on schedule. Overall, our aim is quality patient service, diagnosis, and treatment.

Advanced Eye Care

LoHi Eye Care and Eyewear offers advanced eye care using the latest technology combined with experienced practitioners. While we provide comprehensive eye exams, eyeglass prescriptions, and contact lens prescriptions, we also offer a variety of other advanced eye care services.

Our advanced care options include treatments and therapies for eye diseases, conditions, and injuries, like:

  • Myopia Control

  • Glaucoma

  • Keratoconus

  • Foreign body removal

  • Eye infections

  • Dry eyes

  • Macular degeneration

We are committed to offering effective solutions to your eye care needs. We are eye care specialists that understand the right treatment options for your conditions. If we find your diagnosis requires treatment from another healthcare professional, we offer referrals to trusted practitioners in the Denver area.

Pediatric Eye Care

Even children with no signs of vision issues benefit from an initial eye exam. We find that when children have a baseline, we can more easily track and treat vision issues throughout their childhood. Plus, we often see children for an initial exam and discover an issue that the parents and teachers didn’t realize was there. Early intervention is the best solution for pediatric eye care.

​​​​​​​Our Denver eye clinic is child friendly, and our staff has the training to provide child-friendly care. We aim to develop relationships that promote positive experiences for children at the eye doctor. We want each child to feel comfortable and valued during their eye exam.

Urgent Eye Care Denver

Eye care emergencies occur. We know that our patients suffer from injuries, eye infections, and other situations that require urgent eye care. That is one reason we offer walk-in eye exams. We are here to address your urgent eye care needs.

​​​​​​​We also offer urgent eye care to travelers visiting the Denver area. Whether you lost your contact, broke your prescription glasses, or have another urgent eye care issue, we are here to help. Don’t let an eye issue ruin your trip to Denver. Reach out to LoHi Eye Care and Eyewear for assistance.

LoHi Eye Care and Eyewear – Your Local Eye Doctor

We know Denver is a big city. But, we don’t want you to feel lost in the shuffle. That’s why we offer personalized eye care to meet your needs. We take our time with each patient to listen to your concerns and provide a comprehensive eye exam. We want you to have a positive experience and receive the care you deserve.

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