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Prescription Glasses

Prescription Glasses

Prescription Glasses

LoHi Eye Care and Eyewear – Prescription Glasses

Find the right prescription glasses at LoHi Eye Care and Eyewear, We offer comprehensive eye exams and a wide selection of prescription glasses. Our highly trained team helps patients find the best frames and lenses to match their style and budget.

Prescription Glasses Denver

At LoHi Eye Care and Eyewear​​​​​​​ we offer prescription glasses in various styles, brands, materials, and colors. Our priority is always personalized service to meet your needs. Our optical technicians work with each client to ensure the glasses you select work for your face size and shape as well as your prescription.

Prescription Lenses

We offer a variety of lens options at our Denver eye clinic. Additionally, our frame selections work with many different types of lenses. We aim to help you understand your choices before you place your prescription eyeglass order. We want to ensure patient satisfaction.

Lens Materials

Prescription eyeglasses are available in different materials. Depending on your prescription and lifestyle, different materials offer pros and cons. While still possible, prescription eyeglasses with glass lenses are very rare today.

Common Lens Materials Include:

  • Plastic Lenses – These lenses are usually the most cost-effective option. Plus, they are lightweight and work well. Unfortunately, plastic lenses are often thicker than other types.

  • Polycarbonate Lenses – This is a popular lens material, especially for children’s and sport prescription glasses. Polycarbonate lenses are lightweight, work great optically and offer solid durability.

  • High-Index Plastic Lenses – These are the thinnest lenses manufacturers offer today. Patients with high prescriptions seeking more comfort and design appeal usually select these.

Lens Enhancements

As with lens materials, patients may add certain enhancements to improve the durability and function of prescription glasses. These enhancements offer a variety of benefits to meet each patient’s specific needs.

Common Lens Enhancements Include:

  • Scratch-Resistant Coating – This is a clear coating on the lenses used to reduce the occurrence of scratches.

  • UV Protection – This feature gives the lenses the ability to absorb UV rays from the sun.

  • Anti-Glare Coating – This feature helps prevent glare by reducing the amount of light reflected from the lenses.

  • No-Line Bifocals – These are lenses with the ability to transition from distance to near vision without a visible line on the lenses.

  • Photochromic Adaptive Lenses – These are light-to-dark lenses that darken when exposed to sunlight but return to clear when the sun is no longer present.

Small Town Service in the Big City

At LoHi Eye Care and Eyewear, we aim to provide each patient with personalized service. This means we listen to your questions, concerns, and needs. We want to provide the best possible lenses to help you see clearly while feeling confident and comfortable in your prescription glasses.

Stop by Our Eye Wear Clinic

You do not need an appointment to visit our eye care and eyewear clinic. Not only will we help you pick out your next pair of prescription glasses, but we also offer walk-in eye exams. If you need an updated prescription or new eyeglasses, visit our clinic today.

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