Same Day Glasses

Same Day Glasses

Same Day Glasses

Same Day Glasses

LoHi Eye Care and Eyewear – Same Day Glasses

LoHi Eye Care and Eyewear, offers same-day prescription glasses at our Denver eye clinic. We also offer walk-in eye exams for your convenience.

Same Day Glasses Denver

Sometimes patients need glasses quickly. That’s when an eye care center offering same-day glasses comes in handy. Did you damage or lose your eyeglasses? If so, you may not have time to wait for your glasses to arrive through the normal ordering process.

We offer same-day glasses on specific frames and lenses. Depending on the time of your order, we can either have your lenses ready the same day or first thing the next day. We are an eye care solution provider. This means we work hard to give you the service you need, including same-day prescription eyeglasses.

Single Vision Plastic Lenses

While we’d love to offer any variety of prescription eyeglasses with same-day service, the add-ons and complexities of modern eyeglasses don’t make that possible. The more advanced your prescription and the more elements you select for your lenses mean a longer processing time.

However, for select frames with single-vision plastic lenses, we offer same-day glasses. We walk you through the eyeglasses selection process to ensure you understand the exact frames and lenses to choose to meet your rush request.

What About Specialized Lenses?

Unfortunately, specialized lenses require a longer processing time. But, we still believe that in most cases the extra elements produce higher-quality eyeglasses. If you wear glasses daily, consider waiting on your prescription with better quality lenses and features.

Same-day glasses work well for emergency eyeglass replacements or as extra eyeglasses. Usually, most prescriptions are available within one week regardless of the type of frames, lenses, or features you select.

Walk-In Eye Exam

The most important aspect of any new eyeglasses is an accurate prescription. We do need an up-to-date prescription to issue same-day glasses. Thankfully, we offer walk-in eye exams. This means you can receive your prescription and glasses on the same day.

Our walk-in eye exams include the option for a comprehensive eye exam, contact lens exam, or emergency eye exam due to a medical issue, like an infection or injury. Once you have your new prescription, our friendly staff walks you through the eyeglass order process with the option for same-day glasses on select frames and lenses.

Visitors Welcome

Colorado is a popular tourist destination. We know that sometimes accidents happen during travel. Our same-day glasses service means you can replace damaged or lost eyeglasses quickly and easily.

We want visitors to enjoy Colorado and the Denver area. You need to see well to do so. We accept both new patients and out-of-town patients at our Denver eye clinic.

Visit LoHi Eye Care and Eyewear

Get eyeglasses quickly and without the hassle at LoHi Eye Care and Eyewear. We prioritize quality customer service. This means whether you are a walk-in patient from out of town or a long-term patient from down the street, we treat you with respect and take the time to listen to your concerns.

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